Chiropractor in Washington MI Helps Auto Injuries

Chiropractor In Washington MI Helps With Auto Injuries

Chiropractor in Washington MI Helps Auto Injuries

A strain of your neck muscle is likely to occur if you unfortunately ever are a victim in a car crash. Damage to these muscles and tissues is called whiplash, which minimizes your neck mobility.

Car crashes cause severe damage to your upper body, especially your head and neck. Symptoms of whiplash or any injuries following a car crash need to be followed up with a visit to your Washington MI chiropractor immediately. The quicker the diagnosis and treatment, the quicker your recovery begins.

Signs of Whiplash in Washington MI

Symptoms can typically be felt immediately after a car crash symptoms but at other times, they can take days or weeks to become evident.

  • Nausea
  • Back pain
  • Poor mobility in the neck and/or shoulders
  • Migraines

It’s not just car crashes that can cause sudden impacts that lead to whiplash. Any trauma that cause your head to ‘whip’ violently can cause any part of your spinal column to be damaged as well.

Headrests are Key

Headrests have significantly improved within the past decade in regards to minimizing the chances of whiplash affecting crash victims. To further decrease the likelihood of experiencing whiplash it is important to be informed of these guidelines:

  • The top edge of your headrest should be taller than your temples
  • The headrest should be no more than 10 cms centimeters recessed from your head

Other Whiplash Scenarios

Whiplash victims are not just from car accidents but also from taking a violent hit in a football game or even from crashing down a flight of stairs. Thankfully, with the proper treatments, therapies, and time, victims have a good chance of fully recuperating.

Neck Health is Key

Chiropractors specialize in adjusting any misalignments in the spine. Your Washington MI chiropractor is a professional and highly experienced in treating your bones, muscles, and tendons. Never hesitate to ask your chiropractor any questions or express concerns. The clearer understanding your chiropractor has of your condition, the better your chances of getting effective treatment.

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